Devine Hypnotherapy


You could have tried every diet going and had no success or have a relationship with food that you really want to change. For me it was comfort eating and the effects of spiralling blood sugar levels, so when I used to hit the low point I would reach for the chocolate!

"My personal experience"

This is my personal experience of Barry's slimming classes and I will be sad to say that tonight, my six-week course will be complete. I have learnt to develop a new relationship with food and at last the pounds are starting very gradually to disappear.

Hypnotherapy is a wonderfully relaxed state, I am still in control and I can wake up if I want to, but really I don't. In fact I now resist opening my eyes, until the very last second.

"A wonderfully relaxed state"

The experience has been one of personal development and issues in my past that I have needed to tackle. These related to my many food intolerances and IBS related symptoms. My body is now calm and I have learnt a new regime to eating and adjusting my foods, so instead of chocolate I go for tangerines. This was part of the course to adjust my thinking towards certain foods.

Hypnotherapy has given me the focus now towards eating when I am hungry and stopping when I am full. (Having always had to 'clear my plate' in my early years this has lead to a habit of overeating).

"Start of new eating patterns"

It is not an instant cure but it is the start of new eating patterns, ones that I now feel I have control over. I am delighted to say that from the course I also feel lighter and brighter, but I will miss other members in the group, who all had different issues to confront.

I would certainly recommend hypnotherapy and going on Barry's courses. In fact, I like it so much, just for relaxation; I will no doubt book a few one to one sessions!

JG, Hertfordshire

I suffered with severe panic attacks when speaking in front of a large audience and shook so violently it was noticeable and the knowledge of this made my delivery worse. I new if these attacks continued it would harbour my future aim, a career in communications. I went to see Barry as a last resort because I had tried differing alternatives and nothing had worked.

Initially I was sceptical of hypnosis but Barry put me at ease was accepting and made me feel so comfortable that before I new it I found myself opening up about my problem. I then went under hypnosis and felt completely in control. I was aware at one point of imagining myself doing the presentation with ease and confidence; it was a powerful experience. On the day of my presentation, I delivered the presentation just as I imagined, with ease and confidence and the feedback received from my Tutor read, "an excellent delivered well covered presentation". I now work in the communications field.

I am now on a group weight loss programme with Barry and on the third week of a 4 week programme I can fit into my favourite jeans, and not only that, I feel more confident and positive about myself, my life and my future destination."

Harriet, Luton

In December 2004 I suffered a mini stroke which damaged the right occipital lobe of my brain, affecting my peripheral vision.

For two years I lived with this, then in 2006 I decided to try Hypnotherapy. After treatment there was an immediate improvement in peripheral vision and I was able to read a music score well enough to be able to play. I was able to play with enough confidence to play in church which I had not done for over a year. I can now read and write with comparative ease. Although there are times when things 'disappear' there has been a gradual improvement. I have enough confidence to go out on my own briefly and to resume some of my normal activities such as sewing.

Elsie, Bedfordshire