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Barry Devine


Within us all is a powerhouse of strengths, abilities and potential.
Barry facilitates your change, allowing a positive transformation.

At some time in our lives we have negative, destructive, thoughts that restrict and distract us from leading the life we want to. These unwanted thought patterns could stem from the past; a previous experience, childhood event or even from a present day concern or anxiety.

These can usually be resolved with a combination of hypnotherapy, counselling,
NLP & psychotherapy - often resulting in a small or large change -
but only when a client is ready. Are you ready for growth?

Barry is a qualified hypno-psychotherapist, NLP, TFT practitioner and integrative counsellor. He adopts a holistic, gentle approach with his work, using some or all of the therapies. Many conditions such as weight loss, smoking, anxiety and a lack of confidence can often be attributed to a long unresolved concern, that sometimes is not apparent and it is this, which is addressed in the sessions.

Call today for an informal chat on 01462 811 603.

Barry’s clients come from all over the UK, such as London, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire & Hertfordshire. He can also travel to you for an appointment, day or evening.

Is the thought of regaining control exciting?
Are you ready for change?

You are just a phone call away from making this wonderful decision. Barry looks forward to speaking with you and scheduling a convenient meeting.

Imagine... Then change is not far behind!


Devine Birthing has been born out of many years of in-depth training in various fields. The application of these techniques are very powerful in relation to parents-to-be who are considering an alternative calm, confident birth.

Devine Birthing offers a choice with control and this will give a person on one of our courses greater confidence in what they are about to naturally go through. Many people are not aware of how to relax, so we teach people how to relax down the physical body, which then relaxes the mind.

Even partners will benefit and we would encourage that they attend, as they play a very important part of the course process. The courses stat at 7.00pm and finish at 8.30pm. The courses are held at the same venue for 3 consecutive weeks. Courses are popular so it is advisable to book early.

The programme and training that you will receive will give you the opportunity to take on board unique resources. These will stay with you not just in your final first class delivery, but also other aspects of your life will benefit too. We have a flexible, relaxed learning structure, allowing you to easily learn to all the programme's techniques, which will be demonstrated to you the course of each evening.

There is within the course a unique Devine Birthing CD and this has the additional track of mood lifting, which can lift your spirits on a not-so-good day. A folder with all content and information acts as a guide whilst on the course. We recommend all ladies who book on our courses to be a minimum of 23 weeks pregnant.

We run group courses with a maximum of 10 parents-to-be and their partners. Some people may consider private one-to-one sessions and this can also be arranged on request.



I am now also working out of Beauty of Bedford.


I have a holistic approach towards therapy. I combine hypnosis and NLP to treat the client as a whole. Each session deals with the concern presented and also the client is left with a real sense of peace & well being. Sessions last for an hour and during that time I explain fully how hypnosis and NLP works.

Weight Loss and Stop Smoking sessions can be either one to one, or alternatively we have our Slimming & Stop Smoking group Programmes.

For individual Stop Smoking therapy, I carry out an initial consultation. This is to identify if the client truly wants to give up smoking. If this is the case, I continue with the Stop Smoking Cessation therapy. If the client is not 100% committed I do not continue. This is only fair to both the client and myself.

Home visits in the Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire areas can also be arranged, but if required other areas can be included. Appointments can be either day or evening to suit you and your schedule.


Spectrum Health Trust - Holistic Healer Training Course
Reiki 1 & 2 (Dr Usui System of Natural Healing)
Counselling & Psychotherapy Intermediate (CPCAB integrative)
Counselling & Psychotherapy Adv Dip. (CPCAB integrative)
Neuro Linguistic Psychotherapy Dip. Practitioner (INLPTA)
Masters in Neuro Linguistic Psychotherapy (INLPTA)
Therapeutic Hypnosis & Psychotherapy Dip. E.THP HPD (N-SHAP)
Certified Hypnotherapist - American National Guild - HPD
Hypnotherapist - National Council Hypnotherapy/ncfe - HPD
Timeline Therapy/Emotional Freedom Practitioner (Tad James)
Foundation in Personal Construct Psychology/Psychotherapy


Hypnotherapy Association
Hypnotherapy Control Board
Federation of Small Business

The Royal Society of Medicine MemberThe Hypnotherapy Association The UK Confederation of Hypnotherapy OrganisationsThe British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy