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Company Training

Many business people find it difficult to express themselves as speakers. Some indeed find it virtually impossible to do so - whether their audience is made up of critical colleagues or complete strangers. Their problem is not always the lack of confidence or of word power.

We will teach you ways to develop the right frame of mind, before confronting your audience. How to be confident and self-assured, whilst speaking in public.


This course looks at confidence very differently by bypassing the conscious mind and linking to the subconscious mind through hypnosis. Delegates are taught how to develop inner & outer confidence that will naturally lead to a gentle assertiveness in the work place.

Delegates have been surprised with the group participation games and how they impact personally on their life and work. Feedback indicates an unexpected shift in the course.


We teach the deeper levels of subtle communication that ordinarily people would never be aware of. This course actively encourages delegates to interact with each other throughout the day.

"A very interesting course and quite different to what I expected."
David - Training Manager


When people get promoted and additional responsibilities are placed on them, they can often feel a little overwhelmed and comment to us, that they "know the job, but feel a little inadequate." We explore this in detail and take a look at the belief structure. For instance, where has this come from? By focusing and working with a key person for a complete day, their own unique potential can be harnessed for positive gain in the business.


This day is suited both for groups and single one on ones. For sales people that may have gone of the boil and finding it hard to close those orders. Many sales people we speak to are quite fragile and sensitive in reality to rejection. Not bringing in the business at the end of the day can result in a slight depression for a sales person; we look at this in more detail.

The day looks at subtle interpersonal skills when working with customers and highlights the right way to approach clients.


On all our courses we teach self hypnosis for success. This is explained and demonstrated and can then be used as a useful tool for many of life's trials and tribulations.

"What a resource to have! I am implementing your training recommendations after listening to my staff. What you do really works Barry - Thanks."
Geoff - Managing Director.


If so please visit our partner web site Devine & Gibson, leaders in Employee Assistance Programmes. If you are connected with Human Resources you may be interested in their free Occupational Health Stress Consultancy check for your company. This will identify stress areas within your organisation and can be used as a tool for management. More details can be found at or contact Dawn Gibson (Director) on 0845 045 0426.